Accounting Vocabulary Quiz.

Accounting Vocabulary Quiz.

What do you call the process of finding new employees for the company? ( hint: starting with R (7 letters))

Companies sell goods and *******. (hint: starting with S ( 7 letters))

Quantity of money. (hint: starting with A (6 letters))

What do you call a person incharge of a company. ( hint: starting with C ( 8 letters))

R and D stands for ******** and Development. (hint: starting with R ( 8 letters))

What do you call goods being transported. (hint: starting with C (5 letters))

An organization that protects the workers is called? ( hint: starting with U ( 5 letters))

what is a word that is often seen under quantity on an invoice? ( hint: starting with U ( 4 letters))

What are household and business costs known as? ( hint: starting with E ( 8 letters ))

What is a formal plan or suggestion? (hint: starting with P ( 8 letters ))

Ans: recruit, services, amount, chairman, research, cargo, union, unit, expenses, proposal