Business Courses

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"....Mark Twain

Business Vocabulary

You will learn all you need to know in business language to hold a conversation with your client or colleague.

Accounting Vocabulary

You will learn all you need to know in Accounting vocabulary to hold a conversation with your client or colleague.

Conversational English

You will learn to talk amongst your clients, colleagues with confidence. You will participate in role play related activities in a business scenario. We will lighten the strain and stress by doing game related activities such as crosswords, word hunts and Fill in the gap.

Business Presentations

You will learn how to competently present your ideas and plans to clients and collegaues. I have many different scenarios we can teach you so you become one of the best presenters.

Interviews and Resumes

You will learn how to get that job. Understand what the employers is looking for. I will help prepare a resume that will get you the interview you are wanting.

Business Plans

You will learn how to put together a business plan that will prove your successful idea. I have several ways to put a business plan together incorporating your financials.


You will learn your Grammar correctly so you can write and speak fluently in english. Grammar is very important in the english language so you can not only speak well but also write well.

Pronounciation Practice

You will learn how to pronounce words correctly so you present yourself as a professional. I will practice with you one - on - one so you can learn the correct pronounciation.

Why choose Personal English Tutor?

We take pride in our teaching of the english language. I am a native english speaker. I have had a lifetime of real experience. We guarantee you will learn the language with our guidance.

What You Get

Money back guarantee. We assure you that should you follow our processes to the letter and not become a fluent english speaker we will refund your money back.